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Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua Lyrics Translation | Dilwale (2015)

Gerua is a color somewhere between orange, saffron, and pink, somewhat like a Salmon.

dhoop se nikal ke chhanv se phisal ke hum mile jahaan par lamha tham gaya coming out like the sunshine, or slipping like the shadow, wherever we met, the moment stopped there..

aasmaan pighal ke sheeshe mein dhal ke jam gaya to tera chehra ban gaya when the sky melted got moulded into glass, and solidified, it became your face..
duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon nikli hai dil se ye duaa rang de tu mohe gerua raanjhe ki dil se hai duaa rang de tu mohe gerua I have forgotten the world and met you and only this wish has come out of my heart, color me gerua.. this is the heartfelt wish of your lover, color me gerua..
haan nikli hai dil se ye duaa ho.. rang de tu mohe gerua

ho tumse shuru.. tumpe fanaa hai sufiyana ye daastaan main kaarwaan maznil ho tum jaata jahaan ko har raasta it starts with you and ends on you, this story is quite Sufi-style.. I am the caravan, and you are the destination, where every path leads..
tumse juDa jo dil zara sa…

Janam Janam ~ Forever Forever (Stay with me)

Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa